1. Draughts (plus background)

A few QUICK WINS to get you started. 

Around 15% of your heat can leak out of your house due to draughts. These tips will reduce unintended ventilation

•Fit foam weather stripping to older poorly fitting windows and to external doors (include any connecting door to an attached garage)
•Sausage dog style draught excluders can be used for bigger gaps under doors.
•Fit foam weather stripping around a poorly fitting loft hatch and around access doors into crawl spaces.
•Eliminate draughts where there are gaps between the floor boards and also between the floor and skirting boards.
•Fit a spring flap with nylon brush seals to leaky letterboxes. There are flaps available to cover keyholes also.
•Fit thermal linings to curtains and close them to trap cold air between the curtain and the window.

Getting started  – assumptions

◻︎    In a typical household, around 70% of the energy used will be for heating the space inside the house.

◻︎   Most of us will continue to rely on gas-fired boilers in the short to medium term. So that’s what we’re assuming.

◻︎   The Blow A Hole In My Heating Bill cards concentrate on strategies to reduce heat loss through the roof, walls and floor of the house, as 75% of heat losses occur there.

◻︎   Insulation is key to reducing heat loss. It will help to future-proof your home even if/when you eventually replace your boiler with a heat-pump.

These Blow a Hole in my Heating Bill ideas

  • – will help you get started with some easy DIY projects to do in your own home. You can decide what you can focus on, what you can do yourself, and where you will need specialist help.
  • – are aimed at householders who may be struggling to meet energy costs now and feeling anxious about future price rises. We are concentrating on heating bills, as this is the largest component for most people.
  • – contain references for further guidance

Please note that Transition Lymington make no claim to be experts – you will need to obtain professional advice/guidance for specific problems in your own house.