Traditional Bread Making

Come along to this one day bread making master class where we will be rolling up our sleeves again and getting stuck into producing

  • Wheaten Sourdough : Examine traditions from Europe that led to the whole style of baking we know as “sourdough” using wild yeast. Understand processes that help explode some myths and fanciful practices that surround sourdough and the proper management of the leaven. You will learn about refreshing the leaven, maturing the leaven, and using it to make a memorable loaf – all on the same day.
  • Learn Paul Merry’s method of making splendid croissants fitted to the seven hours of this one-day session. Make the dough of the right texture, mature it, add the butter, then learn about making laminations in the puff pastry way, before cutting and rolling the individual croissants into perfect shape.
  • Two different roll dough’s: one will be the pretty and delicate little rolls known as dinner rolls; the other will be a general roll dough suitable for learning how to make a range of shapes: round, flat baps, pointed, knots, and so on.

Your tutor, Paul Merry has been involved with craft baking and masonry ovens for over thirty years, and has been teaching courses for fifteen years. He is returning to Minstead following a very successful baking workshop in February 2014. When he is not teaching he is a consultant in traditional baking or is dealing with his French wood-fired ovens.

An Australian, he had his own bakery with wood-fired oven outside Melbourne, where he enjoyed for over a decade the life of the village baker in an appreciative community.

Sourdough bread will be provided for lunch including fillings, coffee, tea and cake!

Tickets £65 each includes LUNCH


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