Privacy Notice

This privacy notice outlines what data we hold, why, how you can find out what information we hold about you and how to ask for it to be deleted. 

Why do we collect and use personal information?

In order to make the New Forest a more sustainable place we run lots of events and projects; share news and information relevant to our aims. To do this we need to be able to make contact with people who have expressed an interest in what we do.

We hold the following types of personal information:

  • Email address, postal address, telephone number
  • Bank account details

We will use your information for the purposes that you gave it to us. This could be to let you know about events, projects, share our newsletter or arrange to take/make payments.

If you contacted us through an event or by participating in a project we may occasionally let you know of something that we think may be of interest to you. If we email you and you think it’s not relevant let the person know who sent the email and they won’t send you anymore.

If you contact us through our ‘get in touch’ webpage then we’ll assume that you want us to hold your information whilst we respond to your request, or longer if you become involved in one of our projects/events. Once a project/event ends then we will delete your details within six months.

As a CIC we have to hold an AGM and directors meetings, people can become a member for £5 per year. We will contact members and newsletter recipients to inform them of the date of the AGM and other meetings/information relevant to the running of the CIC.

Sharing information – we don’t do it

We won’t sign you up to our newsletter unless you’ve asked us to and we will not share your details with other organisations. If someone outside of New Forest Transition has an event or such that they think will be of interest we will circulate the information on their behalf, we won’t give away your details. 

Processing and storing data

As a community based organisation we rely on volunteers to do a lot of things such as run our events, newsletter, day to day business of the CIC; very occasionally we manage to secure grant funding to employ someone to run a project.

As a result personal information is held in several different locations. Where paper records are kept we lock them in a cabinet, digital records are kept on password protected PCs, laptops or email service providers.

Requesting access to your personal data

If you would like to find out what information we hold about you or ask that we delete your details please contact


If you would like to discuss anything in this privacy notice, please contact us via our Get in Touch page