CIC Details

New Forest Transition Community Interest Company


The Company’s activities will benefit to the New Forest community by inspiring, encouraging and enabling individuals, groups, businesses and organisation to lead more healthy lives through developing greater resilience within their local communities.

We do this by facilitating positive sustainable measures for the New Forest in areas such as: increasing local food production and consumption; the use of renewable energy sources; and support for a healthy resilient local economy.

If the company makes any surplus it will be used for re-investing in the company’s projects to increase their effectiveness and impact. Developing other activities and events that benefit the community.


Work within the community to support and grow local food production, distribution and consumption. Initiate and/or run activities based around ‘eating and growing local’.
The Community and the environment will benefit from the support to local producers and farmers, and to people growing their own food, and by learning about the benefits of growing and eating local food, adding both strength and resilience to local communities, and happiness and health to the individuals involved.

Work within the community to save and conserve energy and support local renewable energy production. Initiate and/or run activities designed to save energy and/or use more renewable energy.
The community and the environment will benefit from learning how to conserve and save energy, how to produce renewable energy locally, and how to become more energy self sufficient and energy efficient. The community will also benefit from the use of a Thermal Imaging Camera, which was purchased in 2012 to assist ten local primary schools reduce their energy consumption by 10%-15% and is now being made available to the wider community.

Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle
Work within the community to educate and advance the principles of a sustainable (circular) economy.
Individuals and groups in the community will benefit from learning how to live more sustainably and how this results in greater wellbeing and happiness and greater protection for the envirionment. The environment will benefit from less waste.

Vision 2030
Work within the community to create a healthy resilient vision for the New Forest community by 2030.
The community and the environment will benefit by the networking that this activity will generate, between organisations and individuals who all care about and/or are working for the health and wellbeing of the New Forest.

Outreach within the community through exhibitions, trainings and events on the work of New Forest Transition
The community will benefit from the engagement and interactivity of the exhibitions, trainings and events,which will show how the New Forest can become more sustainable and resilient, and protect the health and happiness of both the Forest environment and its residents.

Company No. 8880540
Registered Office : Room D, South Barn, Efford Park, Milford Road, Lymington SO41 0JD