New Forest Transition Exhibition

New Forest Transition – An Exhibition with a Difference!

What do … a smoothie bike….  a thermal imaging camera… a pumpkin… and a denim globe have in common?

Why not come and find out for yourself for FREE at the New Forest Transition Exhibition, The Gallery, New Forest Centre, Lyndhurst Car Park. Open 7 days a week, 10am -4pm from Saturday 18th October – Sunday 23rd November.

New Forest Transition began in 2008 and over the last six years have been working in villages and towns across the new Forest making small but significant changes to people’s lives:

  • They have been encouraging us to buy locally produced food, and even have a go at growing some of our own.
  • They have 10 volunteers working in 10 local schools, looking at the energy they use, and find out how they can cut any wastage, or even generate some of their own?
  • New Forest Transition run events, inviting like minded people to get together to visualize a better future, and work out how to get there.
  • They have been collecting different types of waste that can be reused or recycled and made them into useful bags and toys.
  • They have worked with the local councils to create allotments, cycleways, community gardens and …

Visit the exhibition and be inspired, but also pick up some easy practical ideas to go and do at home, to help cut your energy bills, help you get to know your neighbours, get fit and have fun!