Transition Ringwood

Transition Ringwood is a group of like minded individuals coming together to create a more sustainable future for our local community. Please join in for a journey of education and family fun.

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Communal Allotment

Working Days: first Saturday of every month from 11am to 2pm

We want to create an allotment area that everyone can contribute and benefit from. We are going to use square foot gardening, a simple method that involves creating small, orderly, productive growing areas. There will be different height beds to allow wheelchair users and variously able bodied residents to be able to get involved. There will also be a children’s area so all ages can learn how to grow and watch the seeds they plant become food to eat. We will also be incorporating wildflower areas for pollinators and edible wildflower patches to explore the possibilities of being able to eat everything you grow.

Wildflower Planting

We want to breath new life into Ringwood by introducing more wildflowers and thereby, wildlife. We will be working alongside the council and grounds teams to choose areas where we can work together to create wildflower patches and reduce grass cutting to once a year across these areas.